A promise to bed-ridden believers

I pray almost every day that God would heal me. I long to able to work again and serve others rather than burdening them. I wish I could serve God with renewed physical and mental capacities and yet I know that this may not be what God plans for me. I find this hard and I imagine that I have many bed-ridden brothers and sisters in Christ the world over who also struggle with the prospect of being physically weak and dependent on others for the rest of their lives. With this in mind I want to share a promise in Scripture  which has ministered to me and I pray may also be a consolation to others.  Until recently I never noticed this precious promise from Micah 4:6 & 7.

“In that day,” declares the LORD,
“I will assemble the lame
And gather the outcasts,
Even those whom I have afflicted.
7″I will make the lame a remnant
And the outcasts a strong nation,
And the LORD will reign over them in Mount Zion
From now on and forever.

When we understand that it is God who has afflicted us, we may be tempted to think that God is against us.  While it may be true that we are suffering because of sin and because we need to be disciplined, this is a sign not of God’s rejection of us but of his love toward us.  Although we may be lame for the rest of our lives and we may groan in pain each day, if we are his,  he does not plan to leave us here forever.  Christ will come back one day and he will gather many who have been bed-ridden for years; he will give the richest fellowship to  many who for years could not get to church; he will gather a multitude of people who the world at large barely noticed and from them he will make a great nation.  Now that is grace.  God takes those whom he has afflicted, he takes those who may feel like they constitute nothing more than the dregs of society to reign with him forever.   Dear suffering brother or sister, keep looking to Jesus.  He will in a little while return, gather you up and bind up all your wounds, he will give you a new and glorious resurrected body that will never fail like the old one.


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