When Running is Standing – Psalm 57

The superscription to this psalm states that it was written when David fled from Saul and hid in the cave. He cries out to God to preserve him until destruction passes by. His enemies have him trapped. They ‘have dug a pit’ for him and then it says in verse 6 that they themselves have fallen into the midst of it. Saul goes into the cave in 1 Samuel 24 to relieve himself and David cuts off the corner of his robe. When David makes his presence known to Saul, Saul realises that in the end it was his life and not David’s that was in danger. He fell into the trap which he had set. Therefore God not only preserved David but he gave him victory over his enemy. This is always true of God’s people when they run to him for protection and salvation. Not only do they find salvation and preservation but victory over all their enemies. ‘We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.’

What is particularly striking is the means by which the conquest is achieved. We conquer not by standing our ground and fighting but by running to Christ for refuge. Those who seek preservation in God find victory over death and hell while those who seek to battle evil in their own strength cannot stand.

As we run from sin to Christ we defeat it. As we run from the Devil to Christ we defeat him. As we run from evil men to Christ we defeat them. If they hurt us we fellowship with Christ in his sufferings and if they kill us we will rise again to live forever with the one whom death could not hold and whose death was the ultimate victory over all evil. Cowards and weaklings do not normally win great battles, but in the battle for eternal life it is only cowards and weaklings who win; it is only those who run in all their fear and weakness and hopelessness to find refuge in Jesus.


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