The Forgetfulness of the Rich is a Remembering of the Poor – Deut 24

In the past I have made the mistake of thinking of God’s law almost solely as an instrument intended to convict of sin and therefore drive us to Christ.  The law does do this but it also tells us many things about the character of God.  It shows us not only his justice but also his grace and mercy.  One of my favourite examples of this is the requirement in Deuteronomy 24 that forbids the retrieval of a sheaf that has been left out in the field. It is to be left there for the poor.   The rich are required to show mercy to the poor even through the way that they respond to their own forgetfulness.  According this law, the forgetfulness of the rich is a remembering of the poor.  Truly, God’s laws are not burdensome,  they are full of kindness and compassion.


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